Asking Alexandria are looking to become the first ten-time Rocktagon winner with their hit "The Death of Me." Tonight they go up against alt-rock veterans AFI and their latest single, "17 Crimes."

Asking Alexandria have dispatched opponents like Eyes Set To Kill, Kings of Leon, Cage the Elephant, Alice In Chains and most recently, Mindset Evolution. Their album From Death to Destiny is available in stores now.

AFI are gearing up to release their ninth studio album entitled Burials on October 22 via Republic Records. News of a new record from the band probably made fans sigh in relief after the 2011 breakup hoax hit the AFI's official message board. Listen to their new single "17 Crimes" below and vote for who you think should move on.

Watch Asking Alexandria's "The Death of Me"

Listen to AFI's "17 Crimes"