Hour 1

We talked a bit this morning about how much money The Hangover 2 has made so far. It's broken a bunch of box office records, despite being the same movie as the original. Steve was the only one that saw it last weekend and didn't give it the most glowing review. Andy Dick is in a bit of trouble because of something he did at a recent comedy show. He was on stage, wearing a dress, and walked up to a dude in the audience and flopped it out right on the guy. During this break, we were alerted to the greatest webcam wormhole ever. It never gets old!

Hour 2

The ever complex Chi revealed even more to us this morning. He tough talked some people on the video game he was playing yesterday because they were "foreigners" and he doesn't like them playing on his game. We talked about a recent study that said that 53% of 16 to 30 year olds would trade their sense of smell to keep their smart phones and other technology. Take the web poll and let us know your thoughts on that! A supermodel is pretty upset because she is being compared to chocolate. An add came out recently targeting Naomi Campbell and referring to her as "cocoa". She's not too pleased with that. Yesterday, we talked about life-consuming hobbies. We went back to that topic today when we talked about a specific hobby that is responsible for 15% of the divorces in America.

Hour 3

MMA fighter Rampage Jackson was creepy to a female reporter once again after his most recent fight. He nearly motorboated her! You can see that in the Video Reel. A slap fight broke out on an airplane recently because one dude was pissed that the other guy reclined his seat into the other one. The international flight was turned around and they were both pulled off the plane, however, neither of them were arrested. We rocked out this morning to the list of the top 10 man-thems of all time. As usual, we agreed with some but not with others.

Hour 4

Kevin Costner has come out with another big invention! This time around, he has helped to invent a Robocop/Batman-type glove that shoots laser beams or something. We took this as an opportunity to come up with some of our own awesome inventions. In today's FBHW Report, we talked about the Heat winning last night, as well as The Situation's being scheduled to take on Michael Lohan in a celebrity boxing match. We played a news story this morning about a woman who is defending her stance of smoking during her pregnancy. She argued that it somehow made the baby stronger because it's heart had to work harder. We took a bunch of calls on the topic.

Hour 5

The World Health Organization now says that cell phone use can possibly cause cancer. If this is the case, everyone on earth is screwed! You can check out the story in Cool Links. Free Beer got an email last night from a listener where she explained an awkward conversation she had with her son. He heard her and her husband having sex the night before and wanted to know what was causing her to make the noises she was making. Her response was very funny. Lindsay from Thatchers in Portland called in during the break to defend herself and the girls she works with. We noticed how much they seemed to hate us last weekend, but she insisted they didn't. We closed the show by talking about Al Quaeda's awesome compensation package. Be sure to listen tomorrow for Dumber Than Zane Trivia, worth $1,600 from our friends at Cat Footwear.