I got up early yesterday morning to go for a run.  I told Mere I’d text her after the run so we could meet up somewhere to grab some breakfast.  She did get a text, but it was not from me.  This is what she received.

This was pretty clearly a wrong number, unless she’s keeping me out of the loop on something.  Or perhaps it was a submission photo for CakeFarts.com.

She was perfectly happy just deleting the text, ignoring it and letting it go away.  Not me, though.  I grabbed her phone and replied, as if I was her, to see what kind of response I’d get.  Here’s how that played out.

I’m still not sure what “bp” is.  I’m assuming she’s not referring to the gas station, so I’d imagine it’s some sleazy dating website where they encourage you to send big booty pictures to people you’ve just met.

Isn’t the internet great?  Why can’t this happen every day?