Hour 1

Free Beer jammed his thumb last night at basketball. This caused him to have to squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube with the opposite hand; something that should be difficult but caused him a great deal of trouble. We got an update on the guy that won 5 million bucks last week at an Atlantic City casino. It turns out that he also hit big at two other casinos and won a total of 14 million dollars! He says that it was all just luck, but the casinos seem to think otherwise. Some idiot has compared seating on an airplane to that of slave ships. He, of course, got a good mocking this morning because that is a ridiculous statement.

Hour 2

We're pretty excited about our live broadcast tomorrow morning in Portland, ME. We're leaving right after the show and flying there! Mario Lopez has a new show called H8R where people who rant online about celebrities they hate are approached by the celebrity to see how they will act. The show looks decent and you can see the preview of it in the Video Reel. We went over a list of percentages of Americans that do certain things, like smoke and drive without seatbelts on. The list compared the percentages of the past to the current numbers.

Hour 3

We played some audio of American Idol last night, where Scotty McCreery was declared the winner. Zane's daughter Jackie has developed a huge crush on him and went bonkers when he won. Zane recorded the whole thing and we checked out the video on the air this morning. You can see posted in Show Videos. We played audio of Oprah's final show yesterday. It was basically a long tribute to herself, as usual.

Hour 4

Based on some comments that a listener posted on our Facebook page about Zane's daughter's reaction to American Idol, a bit of a Facebook war began between her and other listeners. They jumped in and defended Zane's daughter swiftly and effectively. Hot Wings had to make numerous trips to the grocery store yesterday because of a dumb mistake. He picked up something that his wife needed as a gift, then proceeded to eat it as soon as he got home. In the FBHW Report, we played the audio of radio host Ed Schultz calling Laura Ingraham a "talk slut". If you missed it, you can hear his comments in Cool Links. We closed the hour with Dumber Than Zane Trivia, worth $1,200 from our friends at Cat Footwear.

Hour 5

Listener Sue, the woman who posted the Facebook comments earlier in the show, emailed Zane to clear the air. She apologized for posting the comment without really thinking first and said that she deserved the beating she got! We had a long debate this morning about a news story we were talking about where an old woman got pissed at the dentist and threw her dentures at him. This led to various crazy scenarios from Zane as he tried to figure out when it would be ok to beat up the old woman. Ridiculous. Be sure to listen tomorrow as we do the show live from Portland, ME. We'll be doing a live version of the Women's Forum. Talk to you then!