Hour 1

We started the show by talking about some of the VIP videos on the website that have gotten Zane in trouble over time. He has now gotten to the point of knowing that he shouldn't say certain things, but not until after they're posted. Zane also told us about an awkward incident that he had at a triathlon over the weekend. He, once again, confused two black guys for one another. An article came out recently that said that cereal sales have been down over the last few years because people are eating out more often to start the day. Since we were talking about cereal, we had to go down the list of the great poor people cereals that we used to eat as kids.

Hour 2

Free Beer told us that he went bowling with a group of friends over the weekend. He marveled at the antics of some of the youngsters while there, including throwing bowling balls and other stuff. We're pretty excited because we're going to be talking to Jesse Ventura after the show today. This reminded us of the time we were talking to him about the Kennedy assassination and Ventura put Zane in his place very decidedly. We replayed that during the next break and it was still just as awkward. We had a group of new interns that started today. As usual, we go their names wrong and will most likely never get them right at any point. We checked out a list published recently of the things that people are tired of seeing in movies. We agreed with most of them and also added plenty of our own. You can see that in the Cool Links section.

Hour 3

Producer Joe's big mouth got him in trouble this weekend. He was out at a pizza place after being at the bars and a woman tried to cut in line. He put her in her place, but she responded pretty harshly. In the Cool Links section, you'll see a story about a group of middle school kids getting in trouble for a Top 5 list that ended up in their yearbook. The topic of the list was pretty surprising and we wondered how it slipped through the cracks. While talking about that, we took your calls about the yearbook blunders that happened in your school.

Hour 4

Patti LaBelle is being accused by a West Point cadet of telling her bodyguards to beat him up while he was waiting for a ride outside of the airport. He claimed that she was mad because he was standing too close to her bags. You can see the video of the beat-down in the Video Reel. In today's FBHW Report, we talked about Larry King's oldness, the NBA finals from last night and Shaq retiring. After talking about how Shaq dominated at such a young age, we took calls from people who either know or were sports prodigies.

Hour 5

Sarah Palin somehow defended her explanation on the ride of Paul Revere from last week. She said that she got everything right while being interviewed on Fox News over the weekend. You can see that in the Video Reel. As usual on an intern's first day, Zane focussed in on a physical characteristic about one of them and brought it to the air this morning. We then attempted to try and make Joe barf by making the intern get right up in his face. Steve was blatantly insulted to his face on Friday night by a listener when out with some friends. A woman thought that he was Joe and then proceeded to say how much he hated Steve. Talk to you on Tuesday morning!