Hour 1

We started the show today talking about Monchichi's sports knowledge and how he came to like the teams he does. He also shed some light on his stance of scooter helmets and why they are uncool. This of course struck a cord with ultimate scooter and cyclist Eric Zane who always puts safety before fashion.

Hour 2

The NFL lockout is still going on, we can't believe these guys are still upset over making so much money. More Monchichi, he explained his stream of conscious we experienced while off the air. A popular children's restaurant is being accused of corrupting kids. Zane struggled to keep up with a portion of that discussion. We read a list of the ten most over rated sports legends of all time. We found the list to be pretty accurate.

Hour 3

Arnold Schwarzenegger has women and children coming out of the woodwork claiming to be connected to him. This led to us replaying some video of him from his body building days. Pat Collins who runs the show for us in Maine fell in the cross hairs again today. This was in no way his fault and brought on by a story of a Starbucks employee being fired. How well do you know men and women? We took the quiz to find out.

Hour 4

There was a recent lottery winner we all grew to hate pretty quickly. You will too after you see how he lives his life today. Check that out in the Cool Links section. In the FBHW Report, Newt Gingrich was insulted to his face on camera and was caught completely off guard. You can see that in the Video Reel. There is a video of the greatest proposal ever. A guy made a movie trailer of various clips leading to his proposal and had a movie theater play it at the movie he and his Fiance were in the audience of.

Hour 5

We talked to a guy who ate his 25,000 Big Mac recently. As expected it got a bit sideways pretty quick. If you missed it, it's posted on the Interviews page. A family who was the recipient of a house from Extreme Makeover Home Edition may be in some trouble. We thought of some ways to fix the problem for them. We closed the show talking about the New York Mets man-baby. We were all kind of creeped out by this thing but also curiously intrigued by him. You have to see this beast in the Cool Links section. Be sure to listen tomorrow morning when we play Dumber Than Zane Trivia, worth $1,200 from our friends at Cat Footwear.