I had a funny moment with members of Motley Crue while backstage recently.  I was commenting to Mick Mars about his cameo roll on Pop Evils "Boss's Daughter" video.  In the video near the end, Leigh from Pop Evil rides off with the Hot Chick that was giving a lot of attention to Mick throughout the video.  Now kudos to Leigh, but Mick did all the warm up work, so  how come HE didn't ride off with the hot chick at the end of the video?

Here's how that conversation went:

Me: "Hey Mick nice work on the Pop Evil video..."

MM: "Thanks it was fun"

Me: " But how come YOU didn't get the hot chick at the end?"

MM: "I Did!"

Me: (with puzzled look) "but she rides off with Leigh?"

MM: "Yeah, sure Leigh gets her IN the video...but I get her AFTER the video"

At that point the whole band falls out in laughter.  Gotta admit, Mick got me good cause that was funny.

Here's the Pop Evil Video Mick Mars has the cameo roll in.