Michigan rocker Ted Nugent is getting blasted on social media and by numerous Jewish groups after he posted an anti-semitic message on Facebook, calling out 12 Jewish-Americans he claims are responsible for gun control.

One of the people called out by Nugent is former U.S. Senator from Michigan, Carl Levin.

The post includes small photos of Levin, Michael Bloomberg, Rahm Emanuel, and several others, all accompanied by an Israeli flag.

Nugent is famous for his conservative views and has never been shy about his thoughts on gun control.

The post has been shared nearly 4,000 times and has more than 6,000 likes on Facebook. The Anti-Defamation League responded to Nugent's post, telling him he should be "ashamed" for promoting anti-Semitic content and called on him to remove the post from Facebook.

In a later post, Nugent compared pro-gun control Jewish people to Nazis...