Sometimes, you just really need a beer.

Fernando Caignet Aguilera had a craving, but lacked the funds necessary to buy himself a 12-pack at a Miami convenience store.

No worries, though. Fernando had other plans.

Knowing that sometimes things can be bartered for, Fernando thought: "What do I have that I can trade for beer?"

Then, the answer came to him. He could trade his four-foot alligator for some suds! So, that's just what he tried to do when he walked into the Florida store earlier this month.

Since an alligator was not the type of green the cashier was used to, he called police. They seized the animal and Aguilera was cited for catching the creature and trying to sell it.

While the alligator was released back into the wild, there is no word if Aguilera got his beer to quench his thirst.