For those of you departing today, I just wanted to say thanks for being such great listeners. Wish I could've gotten to know you better.  Mostly because I'd like to pick over your possessions upon your departure.  Anyone have a boat they are leaving behind?  Preferably a 62 footer and not that I'm trying to be picky, but I favor the Sea Ray brand (610 Sundancer) please.  I also need to upgrade my golf clubs, to so if anyone is leaving behind a Callaway Razr Driver, let me know.  Just e mail me your address and I'll cruise over your house later today after all, you won't be needing it anymore.

Some things I wish I had done before judgement day:

*NOT paid my mortgage company on the 1st of May and blow worry-less through every penny at a casino.

*Tackle Mathew Stafford really hard to see if even I could injure his delicate shoulder.

*Not have paid my buddy the $5 bucks I owed him from a bet I lost.

*Stormed the stage at the Big 4 concert, steal  Kirk Hammet's guitar and played Creeping Death with Metallica.

What do wish you had done?