Hour 1

One of our favorite things to talk about on the show over the last couple of years is the rise and fall and rise and fall and rise and fall of retired MLB player Lenny Dykstra. Lenny's most recent fiasco involved him being booked on charges of grand theft auto, among 25 other charges. We talked early this morning about how there seemed to be a functional cure for AIDS, at least in one instance. A guy was given a bone marrow transplant from someone with an immunity to HIV (another thing we never knew existed) four years ago. His HIV has basically disappeared since then!

Hour 2

There was a pretty brutal hit in the hockey game last night that we talked about on the show early this morning. You can see that in the Video Reel if you missed it. Also in the Video Reel, you'll see the video of the car stunt that went horribly wrong. The "magician" that performed the stunt is lucky to be alive and is pretty banged up. The movie Human Centipede is coming out soon and it has already been banned in the UK. We talked about how ridiculous the first one was and how Producer Joe seems to be drawn to these really weird horror movies and will definitely be seeing this one. Spike TV's Guy's Choice Awards were taped the other night. We went over a list of the awards that were given out and tried to guess who won them.

Hour 3

Anthony Weiner is probably having a pretty rough day today. He came clean yesterday and admitted that he did indeed tweet the pictures of his crank. We also played the audio of the horrible accusation that Chris Matthews threw at his wife. Based on Weiner's admission, we asked listeners to call in and tell us about the awkward moments in their life they would have to come clean about if they were famous. There has been another bathroom incident here at the radio station. As usual, we sent Producer Joe in to the bathroom to investigate.

Hour 4

We aired the first part of the interview we had with former MN Governor Jesse Ventura after the show yesterday. He talked to us about the different conspiracy theories he believes in, as well as his new book. In today's FBHW Report, we talked about all of the tech stuff announced yesterday in various nerd conferences, as well as went over Free Beer's game broadcasts for this upcoming season. Not really sure how that made the FBHW Report, but it did. We closed the hour by playing a voicemail rant from a girl that was pissed that she got kicked out of a movie theater in Austin, TX. During this segment, listener Paul called in and got fussy about the Ventura interview.

Hour 5

We started the hour by playing the second half of the interview with Jesse Ventura. If you missed it, you can hear the entire thing on the Interviews page. We talked a bit more late in the show about Anthony Weiner's admission that he did indeed tweet a picture of his wiener. We closed the show with a very short segment by telling what we learned today.