Justin Bieber: What a freaking idiot!

This kid has it made, right?

He's 19 years old, he has a gazillion dollars and girls love him.

So, what does he do in his spare time? He tokes up, gets wasted, and takes some pills. Then decides to drive around a brand new Lambo and see what happens.

So, first off, he gets pulled over. Duh.

But the surprising part is he genuinely doesn't understand why the $%*& he is getting pulled over.

He proceeds to tell the cop that he indeed is hammered. He doesn't obey orders; so, he basically is resisting arrest.

And my favorite of all: The guy doesn't even have his current driver's license. It's expired!

Here is what will happen: He'll pay some money and that's all.

WOW. Big whoop. He has plenty of money.

Why don't we make him do some real jail time, and not just one night in the drunk tank. Oh, wait, he probably wasn't in the drunk tank because he's Justin Bieber. Instead, he probably had a cell to himself.

I'll post as his sentence is announced. But, all in all, this guy's an idiot! And that we already knew.

Kevin Vargas
Kevin Vargas

Here's a video from Fox 17 from today of Bieber in court in Miami.