All last week I got to use up some vacation time and head out to Orlando, Florida! It was 80 degrees and sunny the entire trip, AMAZING. I was out there specifically to run the Walt Disney World Marathon, but I managed to squeeze in a hell of a lot of other stuff while I was there.

First things first; the marathon. I definitely enjoyed the experience but did not run my best. For one thing I didn't train enough and around mile 18 I crashed and burned! I managed to get through it though and finish! After 26.2 miles I was ready for some crazy time!

Obviously the first thing that came to mind when I thought "fun" was "The Magical World of Harry Potter," yup; right there in Orlando at Universal Studios I got to experience everything that was Harry Potter! I geek-ed out at every aspect of the park including when I got to try "butter beer" (which is delicious even if it doesn't contain actual beer.)

After some crazy times in Potter Land, I mostly hung out at this kick ass resort drinking crazy fruity drinks, by the pool and playing Lord of the Rings Online, on my lap top (ya, more on that later.)

So here are a few pictures from the trip!