You may not be aware but I am a huge fan of bowling! The only thing is, I SUCK! Simply awful, but thats okay because the GRD bad bowlers league is for people like myself who are straight horrible at bowling. WE WANT TO HAVE FUN! Starting October 4th every Thursday we will be out at Fairlanes Bowling Center drinking half off pitchers of beer, having 50/50 raffles and just have a good ole time bowling the night away.

I'll be there every week bowling along side you, but keep in mine I'm there for the beer... I'm not kidding when I say I'm a bad bowler! I know how to have fun though so get your team signed up HERE and join me. At the end of the league we will be giving away a prize to everyone in the league!

Get signed up and remember, it's good to be bad! ;)