You ever have one of those days, that starts of real crappy, then something happens and the day turns around and is suddenly cool? That was yesterday for me. For one thing I now call Mondays, "No Makeup Monday" basically it means I can walk around looking like crap and no one can stop me because I deemed it, "No Makeup Monday."

I woke up on, "No Makeup Monday" and wasn't feeling very good, my dog had decided to chew up all the couch cushions, and there was dog crap all over the house... fun way to wake up. Luckily it was "No Makeup Monday" so it wasn't like I had to do anything. I rolled out of bed, and made my way out to 36th Street to the Kostume Room. I decided I better get on top of things and get a costume picked out for our Halloween Hellraiser.

Little did I know, the Kostume Room is like costume heaven! I tried on about a million and one things! I still am not sure what I am going to be yet but let me tell you, if you are planning on coming to the Halloween Hellraiser, you definitely are going to want to dress up, and the Kostume Room will have something awesome for ya!

Here are a few of the things I played around with, what do you think?

Lets start out with Queen Amadala... it was a bit big on me, but pretty authentic! I like!!
close up of the hood with some duck lips goin on!
Is it a bird? Or a plane? NO ITS JACKIE!!!!
The Flash... or She-Flash, what ever you wanna call it.
I LOVE LUCY! I really do, that broad cracks me up!
WAHH!!! Ricky I wanna go to the show!!! hehe
Gotta love this one...
up close of my bad ass hat
This one is a childs size medium... and its my fave!
Yeah for Iron Man!