For the past few weeks, they have been filming "The End Of The Tour," starring Jesse Eisenberg and Jason Segel.

They are filming this movie right in our building. So, you would think I would have found a way to meet the two actors by now.

Nope. None of my hair-brained schemes have worked.

So, of course yesterday when I was NOT planning on seeing anyone cool, but I did.

I, of course, was sporting my infamous cat shirt -- yes, a shirt with a cat on it when up walks Jason Segel. WHAT!

I awkwardly stood there until he introduced himself to me, like I may not realize who he is, which was awesome. He seemed really nice in the 3 minutes I stood there next to him.

We then get in the elevator and have awkward silence while I stand there in my cat shirt. Anyway, I wanted to share!

Have you ever met someone famous? Was it awkward?