Hour 1
Hot Wings was in this morning! Both mom and baby are doing well and he gave us the play-by-play of yesterday's events. We talked early on the show about a list of six statistics that you probably didn't know about strippers. We were all pretty surprised at the amount of money they pull in during an average shift and what their annual income was.

Hour 2
Now that Hot Wing's baby is here, you would think there is a name. Nope, the child is still nameless. Of course this brought up the whole Shitthead controversy. Zane admitted that he was wrong and felt like and idiot for even believing that someone could be named that. Zane, Joe and Steve discussed a problem they have with Capt. Combs and how he isn't going to be at the running event he convinced Zane to do; he was mercilessly beat up because of that. Some company is willing to pay your mortgage if you are willing to let them paint your house like a giant billboard. Anyone who does this just because is clearly an idiot. Zane explained to Hot Wings what happened yesterday to Free Beer at basketball. As usual, discussions of Free Beer's anger has it so we have to explain to him how crazy scary he is when he gets pissed.

Hour 3
In Atlantic City, there was a wardrobe change. Because of this, the casino that did it wanted to make sure that only the most attractive were in the new uniform. Unfortunately for them, and the ladies that weren't up to par, they fired all of them at the same time. Now they are getting in trouble for wrongful termination. We had another update on the Shitthead controversy which led to a conversation about urban legends. As white guys, we wondered if black people had any urban legends about white people and we had black people call in with those stories.

Hour 4
Apparently the government is going to shut down for a day so we discussed what that will entail and how that is going to work. In Oregon, it seems that their state congress was Rick Rolled. We listened to an audio clip of them saying pretty much each line in the song. A man, while on local TV, said that his marriage, set to happen the next day, would be the worst day of his life. He clearly is an idiot, loser ahole. The Free Beer and Hot Wings report ended with us sharing that Glen Beck's show is done. We played Dumber than Zane for 4400 dollars and our contestant had some unique personality traits that made for an interesting game.

Hour 5
Jimbo emailed in and shared with us a Show Code story about how is life can relate to Steve Nash's. It was an amazing story. We had a montage of sounds and words that Michael, the Dumber than Zane contestant, said on during the game. It was like listening to Candybeard when he did his Intern-view. It seems that someone who was paid too much to begin with, was sick of working Fridays so for over two decades he skipped out of working on Fridays. The hour was rounded off with the phone topic: "What is the saddest thing you have beat off to?" It ended how Free Beer expected, with someone being dumped and not a whole lot of actual discussion.