You've seen the dudes gyrating on the side of the road holding signs indicating a special sale or special pricing is going on at the business advertised right?  They are usually young up and coming kids joining us walking stiffs in the working world  for the first time or homeless ex-addicts getting a second chance at employment and life in general.

Wasn't it comforting to know that if you ever lost any employment status during your lifetime you could at the very least fall back on the lucrative field of "Guy who stands on the side of the road and gyrates while holding a Sign"? I mean those with even with the lowest skill set can still entertain and distract drivers in hopes of causing an accident thus assuring that they've done a great job and earned their pay for the day.

Well guess can no longer take any comfort in knowing that this lowly position will be available because Hot Wings is right....take heed my friend...Robots ARE taking over the world!