Last night was the first night of our bowling league! It got off to a great start. I have to say I was a little worried that I was going to be the bad bowler of the week. I bowled more gutter balls then any one should have to. When I made the announcement, "Hey come to me and and rat out your friends if they have a really bad game!" I was just praying it was worse then my 68! Luckily there was one person... Amanda, poor Amanda bowled a 54! That officially makes her the bad bowler of the week! Don't worry though, we took pity on her and she took home a pair of tickets for Shocpocalypse If you are a bowler, good or bad, there is still time to join the league! We have a few lanes left over at Fairlanes in Grandville.

The Bad Bowlers League is every Thursday and we get things started around 6:15. I bring the occasional prizes, they have very cheap beer, and we have a good time! Not to mention there is an extra special grand prize for every one registered in the league on the last day! Next week is the last week to register so come hang out next Thursday at 6:15!

Remember when it comes to GRD, it's good to be bad!

the bad bowler, Amanda, and I
The Bad Bowler of the Week, Amanda!