The guys watched a video of a German wedding singer who had a microphone shoved down his throat and had no idea what to make of it. From the start of the video, Zane was confused.

“This is a guy?” asked Zane. “What am I seeing?”

After the video got to the part that everyone was waiting for, the guys lost it a little bit, letting out a chorus of groans and laughter. “It went so far down his throat, it set off his gag reflex,” said Free Beer. “I think [the microphone] took a couple of teeth with it,” Hot Wings added.

After they watched it a few more times, Zane expressed a little bit of doubt, asking, “Do you think that could possibly be fake?” But he then followed that up with this sentiment - ”He died. He had to die. He’s dead. That guy’s dead.”

Zane might have been on to something initially, as the video does seem kind of suspicious. For one, it has been around since 2006. There’s also a Snopes comment thread that hashes through the details.

We aren’t sure. It could go either way. But if we had to put our money on it, the video is probably some weird European viral marketing campaign that’s been spread around.

Check out the video and decide for yourself: