On "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show" today, we were talking about a crazy story of a man who drove cross-country with a dead woman in his van.

He ended up driving back to his hometown in Michigan, which happens to be the town that Eric Zane grew up in.

While watching the news report, they showed the Warren, Mich., police station and Zane commented: "Oh, I was in jail there!"

Back in 1988, Zane was taking part in a scavenger hunt with a bunch of other people. He was busted for stealing mailboxes and street signs and spent the night in jail.

Here's his police mug shot from that fateful night!

Check out a young Eric "EZ Rhyme" Zane in 1988 after he got locked up for stealing stop signs and mailboxes in Warren, Mich. (Photo: Eric Zane/Warren Police Department)