Hour 1

We started off the show talking about how Bill Gates will be leaving each of his kids $10M when he and his wife die. This didn't seem like much, considering he's worth about 50 billion dollars! This got us on the topic of another billionaire, Warren Buffett, and his lifestyle. He's the richest man in the world and lives in typical suburbia and drives a 10 year old car. Zane's daughter is on a class trip that will take her to NYC, Boston and a bunch of other places. This reminded us of the time that his son was on a class trip and came home with a Nazi dagger.


Hour 2

This morning, we added two new stations to the family! A big welcome to Rock 108 in Amarillo, TX and Y-103 in Youngstown, OH! A bus company in Michigan has been shut down for a pretty ridiculous reason. One of their busses was pulled over and the officers discovered that there were six people riding in the luggage compartment UNDER the bus! We gave an update on the guy that was forced to eat his own beard back in November. The case went to trial and there has been a settlement! Check that out in the Video Reel if you want to see how it turned out. Our new intern, who has been referred to as "Mudflap", came in this morning with a ridiculous hat on. His reasoning for wearing such a dumb hat made no sense at all. Tron Guy made his triumphant return to TV recently. He was on America's Got Talent and his gimmick was being Tron Guy. He was denied instantly. Producer Joe managed to track him down during the segment and we talked to him for a few minutes.


Hour 3

There's a great new invention that is supposedly the new way to get kids to eat hot dogs. We were a bit confused, because we've never heard of a kid having to be convinced to eat hot dogs. You can see that product in the Video Reel. We revealed today that Joe and Steve will be going on another big adventure about a month from now. Unlike the British Invasion trip, however, there will be definite risk to their physical wellbeing. Both of them are pretty nervous about the whole thing.


Hour 4

Bret Lockett revealed over the weekend that he never actually met Kim Kardashian in person and that their relationship was 100% over the phone and text messages. He originally said last week that they had a pretty intense physical relationship. After listening to his statement, we concluded that he is really stupid. In today's FBHW Report, we talked about the Mavs winning the NBA title and played audio of Mark Cuban dropping the S bomb on live TV numerous times. While at a concert over the weekend, Zane had a really awkward interaction with one of the members of the band the Sick Puppies. He thought that a woman was one of the merch girls, just there to sell t-shirts and CD's. It turned out she was the bassist in the band.


Hour 5

Hot Wings told us why he was out on Friday. His father had some medical issues late on Thursday and he had to race across the state to the hospital. It was pretty touch and go for a little while but things are now looking up. We talked to Darryl Strawberry on the show this morning about his appearance on the Celebrity Apprentice, as well as his efforts in raising autism awareness. We closed the show by going over the details for Joe and Steve's upcoming adventure. Talk to you on Tuesday morning.