I run to work a lot. I know it's a little weird but It motivates me to run, plus It gets me here earlier to get some stuff done. (I am fairly lazy and procrastinate pretty much everything) I would say I end up running to work about 3 days a week. I run like 5-6 miles here, work then I hitch a ride from a friend home at the end of the night.

That said; today I ran to work, actually I just now got in the building and I had to share this story of what happened to me on the way here.

On the way here I was stopped at a light and I had headphones in so I wasn't really paying attention to what was going on. Well the light turned white signaling for me to cross the road, problem with that is there are so many really stupid people out there who don't look to see if someone is crossing and try to make a right turn on red, when I have the light to walk. So whenever I cross if there is a car with its blinker in that lane I give a little wave like a bit of a, "thank you" for not being a stupid dick and running me over.

Today I waved at this car which contained a young dude maybe my age or a tad younger, and what I can only assume was his girlfriend. So I do my little wave thing and he does a stupid guy head nod thing that I'll never fully understand, and what do you think happened after that?
The bitch in the passenger seat goes all nuts! She rolls down her window and starts yelling at me, " How do you know him! Did you screw him?" I was so caught off guard I'm sure I looked pretty panicked but I just tried to keep going and she kept yelling out the window at me, "I know you screwed him, and it stops today!"

The poor dude looked like he was ready to crap out a brick! I mean obviously she has reason to think hes skanking out behind her back but WOW. The rest of the run I had trouble concentrating because I kept thinking they were following me and this crazy girl was going to jump out of the car and try and choke me!