Downtown GR Needs Your Help Picking New Parking Meters
As downtown Grand Rapids continues to grow and add new events, finding parking especially cheap parking can sometimes be a hassle, especially when you just need a quick spot for an errand.  The ramps cost more than a meter per half hour and if you do find a meter, you then have to make sure you…
The Last Ever VCRs are About to Be Created
Still have a bunch of movies on VHS laying around? Think you might want to watch them again in the future? Well, if you don't have a working VCR, you're going to want to get your hands on one soon because the last ever VCRs are being manufactured this month.
‘Roll Cloud’ Rolls In Over Lake Michigan [Video]
Saturday was a humid day throughout the state, and late in the day it cooled off dramatically. This is usually the result of a thunderstorm, but sometimes before the storm front hits, the cooling will cause arcus or 'roll' clouds to form. They don't happen often, but when th…

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