Whether it is wrestling, boxing or mixed martial arts, the championship belts are always a spectacle. Sometimes they are hideous, sometimes they are pretty darn cool to look at. Well, if you have ever wanted the chance to own your very own authentic belt and not want to have to go through the work of being beaten to a pulp to get it, it is your lucky time!

There is a Russian MMA promotion called M-1 that is probably more corrupt than the NYPD in almost every fictional police drama movie. Anyway, they have a championship that was held by a guy by the name of Vinny Magalhaes. As anticipated, things were not so rosy between Magalhaes and the promotion so a tense split occurred with Magalhaes deciding to not honor his contract.

Without a promotion to call home, Magalhaes was left with nothing but his very own championship belt. What else would you do with a now worthless MMA championship belt that isn't exactly encouraged dinner attire? Why, EBay, of course!

That is right, Vinny cashed in on his overly gaudy belt by selling it online. At least, he was planning on it.

After opening the listing at $.09 and receiving bids more than $2,500, the listing is now closed with the item apparently "no longer available."

For our money, opening your checkbook is a far better option than having to work for years and dedicating yourself to the cause and training to fight some of the best athletes in the world. Plus, just think about all the women you can pick up with a real live championship belt and not just that one you overpaid for at a wrestling event!

Ladies do love accomplished athletes, no matter how those "accomplishments" happened!

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