I have never been arrested, thank the lord (because he knows I sure have been close...) but I love looking at mugshots when celebrities are arrested! They look so sad and angry all at the same time, like when your a kid and your mom yells at you for something... because isn't that what rock stars are, just some big kids who know how to have a good time?

You may remember when Marilyn Manson was in Detroit back in 2002. It's funny I was a junior in high school and I remember the show because the boy that sat behind me in English was all psyched that he lied to his parents so he could go see the shock rocker himself. Anyway Manson was picked up on sexual conduct charges when he rubbed his family jewels all over a security guards head!

Manson entered a plea of no contest to a reduced misdemeanor charge and paid a $4000 fine. I don't know about you be 4,000 dollars would wreck me! That is why he is a rock star though... he can pretty much do what he wants, including rubbing his nuggets on some dudes head.