The Japanese are known for many things, one of them being their eclectic taste in food. Burger King in Japan is capitalizing on that trait with their latest creation, the "Black Ninja" burger.

As Quartz points out, Burger King is trying to take away some of McDonald's leading global market share in the fast food industry. Officially dubbed the Kuro Ninja, the burger consists of two black buns, a meat patty, hash browns and a slab of bacon to represent a tongue that would make a twerking Miley Cyrus jealous.

Now we're no ninja experts, but I don't recall these deadly assassins sticking their tongues out like their Gene Simmons of KISS. Hell, we don't even know how it's possible that the Kuro Ninja mascot is protruding his tongue through his mask.

Burger King Japan

The buns get their ebony hue by mixing the dough with bamboo charcoal. The Kuro Ninja burger will be available for 680-yen, about $7, starting October 25.

Burger King Japan

We really hope the good people at the DeltaPlex Arena import some Kuro Ninja burgers just in time for the first annual BaCon festival on November 2. Tickets to BaCon, a celebration of bacon and beer, are on sale at the arena box office and

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