As a lot of you have figured out I can be a bit awkward at times.  Interviewing is where my awkwardness reigns supreme! Now I have gotten the amazing opportunity to travel with my fellow musketeers... Steve the Web Guy and Shaffee to Columbus, Ohio to see Rock On The Range, and interview basically every rock star we play...  Hopefully you are quickly seeing the problem, are you saying to yourself; "Oh no WGRD, how the hell are we going to get an epic interview if Jackie is doing it?!?"  Well, I will tell you how!

I want YOU to ask the questions.  Yep I am giving you complete control!  Here is what you need to do; click the button below and submit your question to Corey Taylor (you have to be a WGRD Freeloader.)  ANY question you have been dying to know!  I am going to review these questions and pick one and video interview Corey Taylor asking YOUR question!

Maybe I'll even get the "questioner" an autograph!