Hour 1

We started the morning by getting a Miami Heat update from superfan Chi. They won last night so he was wearing his Heat jersey in celebration. We talked a bit about the possible NBA lockout that will most likely happen next season. Nielsen released their ratings that showed the average number of viewers for television shows this season. We weren't really surprised by the top few shows, but hadn't heard of a bunch of the shows on the list.

Hour 2

Our live show in Portland, Maine is this Friday! We suggested that in order to make us more comfortable while on location, The Bone should give us as much broken and dirty equipment as possible! Also, a five gallon bucket full of reflectors sitting in the middle of the hallway would help. There's one here at the radio station that's been sitting around for about a week now. A trucker in New Zealand had an unfortunate accident that we talked about this morning. He slipped and fell on an air hose and was blown up like a balloon! It took doctors a while, but they were able to deflate him. What percentage of Americans think they are unsafe drivers? We asked this question this morning on the air and also took calls from listeners who admitted to being unsafe.

Hour 3

We talked about the awful story from Missouri this morning where a teen was sucked out of his SUV by a tornado. His aunt was interviewed yesterday and the family is still hoping to find him, even though they know he was most likely killed. We played the audio of President Obama's toast to the Queen that turned a bit awkward at Westminster Abbey yesterday. You can see that in the Video Reel. Some parents in Canada decided to keep the gender of their child Storm a secret. They don't want to let people influence their children towards typical gender roles. We agreed that they are screwing their kid up permanently.

Hour 4

We played some audio from American Idol last night. Zane is still planning on recording his daughter's reaction to the winner announcement because she is in love with one of the contestants. Zane also shared with us some texts that took place between him and BL yesterday. He was a little upset about being labeled a kid toucher on the radio yesterday, In today's FBHW Report, we gave the latest update on Arnold's baby mama drama, as well as talked about something really nice that Barry Bonds is doing. We closed the hour by taking the Annoying Test to see who the most annoying person on the show was. You can take the test too in Cool Links.

Hour 5

We talked once again about the devastating tornados that have ripped through Missouri. A listener called in and told us that he once found a young girl that had survived a tornado by hiding in a freezer. She had been in there for four days and, surprisingly, was ok! There was a story in the news about a woman who had been hit in the head and had a massive brain injury. When she woke up, she could not remember anything about the previous 22 years of her life. She somehow managed to re-learn everything and now leads a pretty normal life. We got her on the line and tried to get a feel for what this must have been like. We closed the show by telling what we had learned today. Be sure to listen tomorrow morning when we play Dumber Than Zane Trivia, worth $1,200 from our friends at Cat Footwear.