You can't go wrong with hot chicks and hula hoops. Women gyrating their hips is never a bad thing and the fact that hula hoops make them do so, makes hula hoops a very very good thing.

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    Sexy Bikini Hula Hoopin

    Alright, these girls may be incredibly hot... But, their hula hoopin skills are on par with a child. Despite their hula inadequacies, they still make the list because of their teeny weeny bikinis.

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    Hooters Girls Can Hoop

    Do they train Hooters girls to hula hoop? Or is it a prerequisite when they are hiring new waitresses? Either way, Hooters girls are renowned at their hula hoopin skills. And this girl is no exception!

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    Music Festival Hoopin

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    NFL Hoopin In Philly

    No better way to show team spirit than jumping in some cut off shorts and getting down with a hula hoop. She's got more than just looks, she also has some hoopin skills.

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    Fuzzy Legs Hoopin Is A Big Win

    Raver girls specialize in fuzzy clothing, i.e. the fuzzy leg warmers. But, we have no problem with that as long as you are showing skin above the knees.

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    Hula Cam At Burning Man 2012 [NSFW]

    This has to be the greatest advancement in hula technology since the advent of LED hula hoops. Not only is the camera angle amazing, but the girls are gorgeous and good hoopers as well! If you enjoy pasties, be sure to give this video a few views.