When you are trollin' Youtube for booty shakin' videos to make yourself feel better about the fact that you aren't looking at hardcore pornography, your night can be derailed if you happen to be the father of one of these young ladies.

  • 10

    Here We Go!

    First up on the list I call "Here We Go!" She may be arguably be worth a higher ranking then 10, but I wanted to kick this list off with some swagger! She comes from the newnew2620 YouTube channel, where you can find a pretty funny video of some guys and girls attempting a stripper pole. Let's keep this rolling, booties galore are just below!

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    Sh-Sh-Sh-Shake It

    2nd on the list, coming in at number 9 is "Sh-Sh-Sh-Shake It". If you are learning how to get low, this girl can show you how to do it. Sh-Sh-Sh-Shake It is from the 57Booty YouTube channel, which also features one other dancer on this list. Sit back and enjoy this hotties moves.

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    Doing It For Rob

    "Doing It For Rob" hip rolls her way in at number 8 on the list. Why is she on the list you ask? She doesn't have the best body. And the room she is dancing in has 3 beds with one of the being a crib (white trash anyone?). That aside, the thing she does with her torso and hips is just crazy, especially for a white girl! You can find her on YouTube under the name lil1ny11, where she has another video. Oh, I forgot to mention, I called her "Doing It For Rob" because she says she made the video for her boyfriend Rob. Nice Rob, she might not be the hottest, but at least she aims to please!

  • 7

    Bandana Babe

    Next up on the list, we have the "Bandana Babe"! This girl is sporting some cute little pink undies while she shakes it. She is also thuggin out a bandan, as if she realizes that her panties aren't gangsta enough for her pop-n-lock-it display. Bandana Babe hails from the Hot21Latina YouTube channel. This hot Latino loves to shake her ass, because she has several other booty bouncing videos on her channel. You go Bandana Babe!

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    Double Trouble Bubble Butts

    The "Double Trouble Bubble Butts" come in at a respectable number 6 with some tag team action. These two might be a little bit bi-curious, or just some freaks who want to show off their donks. You can find this asstastic video on the iSunsyne YouTube Channel. The channel has a total of 4 videos, with a couple others worth watching. Just a quick note, these girls just may fall under the category of "jail bait"

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    Lil Miss Sexy

    Coming in at number five on the list is "Lil Miss Sexy"! She may be petite, but she has an ass that won't quit! According to YouTube she is known as suductive22. But no matter what YouTube says, she has a special place in my heart as "Lil Miss Sexy". The video shows up on the S3xyDanc3rs channel, where she has a second equally seductive video. If you notice the lack of decoration in the room she is dancing in, it makes me believe that she is strutting her stuff in a dude's room. To which I say "bravo my good man, bravo!"

  • 4

    Wow, She Can Actually Dance

    OK, OK, I know you are saying, why is she so high on the list, their are other girls that a much hotter than her. Yes, this is true, but she can actually kinda shake that ass well... The YouTube channel she appears on is 57Booty's channel. It consists of this video and number 8 on our list. Since she didn't post it herself, you wonder... Who did she make this video for, was it to entice someone of the male persuasion? No matter what the reason, pop it baby, you stacked!

  • 3

    Super Fly

    Number 3 on our list is the back heavy "Super Fly"! She has a very fine body and I'm sure you won't argue with that... She can pop it like a boss too! This video can be found, once again, on the skaterdude3317 YouTube channel. Thanks again Mr. skaterdude3317, you have done well.

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    Bathing Suit Short Shorts Girl

    Number 2 on the list I'll call "Bathing Suit Short Shorts Girl". Once again, I'm not quite sure if she is jail bait or not, but whether she is or she isn't... she is pretty damn sexy. She isn't the greatest dancer either, but I'll watch none the less. This video is courtesy of crazyassvidzz's YouTube channel, the only other video she has on the channel is of her lighting her bathroom on fire... OK? Shake it possibly underage white girl! Shake it!

  • 1

    Yes Please!

    AND FINALLY... NUMBER 1 ON OUR LIST! I call her simply, "Yes Please!". This sultry vixen is known as Darkredangel24 on YouTube (but I still prefer to call her Yes Please!) Again, this begs the question... Why do girls make these videos? No matter what the answer, I just want to tell them thank you! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! As an added bonus, I wanted to share some of the other videos on her channel, including a extra sexy strip tease. Be sure to browse around her channel too, there is some killer "content" :)