I'm sure you have heard of photo bombing, well now there is a new term called Zoom bombing.

According to WOOD, the COVID-19 pandemic has more people working from home and in order to have meetings, many are using the Zoom platform to connect to others.

A nonprofit that promotes online safety for kids, Protect Young Eyes, representative Chris McKenna said, "you've heard of photo bombing and video bombing and every other sort of virtual bombing. This is Zoom bombing."

If you don't have the settings are your computer properly set correctly, its easy for others to pop into your Zoom meeting, virtual classroom or when connecting with family and friends.

McKenna said, "there've been a couple instances out east. A Boston school had a classroom of students together (on Zoom), and the students decided to share certain things they shouldn't have."

In some cases some inappropriate content has entered Zoom but there are ways to protect your kids, meetings or anytime you plan on using the platform to meet with another person.

Here are a list of tips to keep out uninvited members to your Zoom meetings:

  • Do not share the invite link publicly or with anyone who is not invited to the meeting.
  • Host should change the platform's default settings before the meeting.
  • Turn off the join before host feature
  • Mute participants upon entry
  • Adjust chat or Private chat
  • Turn off file transfer
  • Allow host to put attendee on hold
  • Turn off screen sharing
  • Don't allow removed participants to rejoin
  • Turn off virtual background
  • Turn on waiting room

If your child is going to use the Zoom platform for school, chat with friends or family, parents should advise their child about the above adjustments that need to be made so they can use the platform safely. Also make sure your kids are not the ones doing the Zoom bombing.

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