There are a ton of good musicians online, making millions of videos every day, trying to cut through the clutter of all the others. There are a few who really stand out, and make some amazing music and videos. One of them is Rob Scallon, out of Chicago. He even does challenges people throw at him.

Some great examples, are the most recent videos he's posted. The newest is the challenge for him to use EVERY FRET on the guitar, chords don't count.

How do you do that, and keep it musical? Check out the video above and see how he did it.

Just before that, he also was challenged to write a song using only ONE FRET, which of course, he did. There's even a kick ass guitar solo in there!

The creativity this guy has is amazing. And his videos are really entertaining, too, which is what makes them even more awesome. Who are some of your favorite online guitarists?

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