Do you seem to get bit by mosquitoes more than the people around you? You might be the bugs' favorite buffet.

We all know plenty of rain, sunshine and standing water is the perfect mosquito factory.

According to WZZM, mosquitoes are actually picky eaters and seem to prefer Type O blood. So good news if you are Type B, the skeeters are just not that into you. They will still bite you but only as a second choice and if they are desperate for a meal.

Another thing that attracts mosquitoes are excess carbon dioxide and they can smell it from one hundred and sixty feet away. So if you like to talk a lot while outside, you are a target.

If you are planning an outdoor keg party, you may want to stock up on some mosquito repellent because the skeeters love beer drinkers over wine and mixed drink drinkers. There have been several studies done on this subject.

If you are an expecting Mom... uh oh spaghettios, plan on being bit more than anyone else around you. A person who is pregnant will be exhaling 21 percent more carbon dioxide as the average person so the skeeters will be lining up for a taste.

To avoid those pesky mosquito bites, don't wear dark clothing because they are more attracted to darker clothes. Try wearing light colored clothing, and use plenty of bug spray, but make sure the spray contains at least 25 percent DEET and spray it every few hours.


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