Yes the CDC did announce that if you are vaccinated you don't have to wear your mask but you may want to think twice about that.

Michigan is still one of the states that still has high numbers of cases. Saturday Governor Whitmer reeled back on wearing masks for those vaccinated but that same there were nearly 1300 more confirmed cases and almost 110 death's do to COVID-19 in the state.

Plus, infants to 14-year-old kids are still unvaccinated and we need to look out for their safety un most of the public has been vaccinated and we have established herd immunity.

According to WOOD, Kent County alone reported 123 more cases on Saturday with 6 more deaths. Over the weekend Berrien County has one death, Calhoun County has 2 more, Cass County had one, Kalamazoo County had four, Montcalm County had one,  Muskegon County has two, Newaygo County had one and St. Joseph County reported one more death.

Michigan is not out of the woods yet plus only about 56% of the population has been vaccinated. With 44% not vaccinated, that is a lot of people out there who are still able to carry the virus which means more people will catch COVID-19. They only way for these vaccines to defeat the virus is if everyone gets vaccinated or we will be chasing our tails on this for years to come.

Wayne County is still leading as the worst county in the state for infections. 182 were reported on Saturday with 24 deaths. So there are still big problems in Wayne, Macomb and Oakland Counties in Michigan.

As of Saturday, if you are two weeks away or more from your second vaccination you don't have to wear your mask you don't have to wear a mask in Michigan. With 44% of the state still unvaccinated and with the new variants of the virus that have entered the state, it still is a good idea when indoors in public or where there are crowds to have a mask on. There is still a lot of unknown out there. Just because another person is not wearing their mask doesn't mean they have been vaccinated.

The numbers of cases in Michigan are falling but we are not out of the woods yet. The states positivity rate is still at 9% and this is a number that needs to be under 3% or less for the state to stabilize.

Unfortunately Michigan is still has the highest number of cases in the country so don't throw away those masks yet. We still have a ways to go here.

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