Sometimes a life hack isn't any better than something you can buy specifically for that purpose, other times the life hack is so ingenious its a wonder how it took you this long to realize you could do that.

This is obviously about the second. Originally I'm from Arkansas and as we all know, the southern part of the U.S. is getting what those in the north and midwest call normal winter weather right now, so as I'm watching them prepare through social media, I came across a post that made me go, "wait I have those, and I can do that!"

I came across a post from Travis Holder on Facebook, who had the brilliant idea with snowy and icy weather on the way to use a pool noodle cut in half to keep his windshield wipers from freezing to the windshield during the storm. This of course is a much safer alternative than leaving your windshield wipers pointing or standing up, which I see a lot of people do when it's about to snow around here.  But if you park in the city, there's always that fear that someone may come by and snap them off.  Using the pool noodle will take that impulse away.

I will say that under the original post, there are a few comments concerned that the pool noodle may freeze to the windshield, which could happen, just like a random passerby could snap off your wipers if they're standing up. I still think it's worth the try, especially since I just paid extra for the "better" wipers.



All pool owners, take your pool noodles and use them to protect your windshield wipers from the ice.

Posted by Travis Holder on Tuesday, February 9, 2021


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