Tomorrow, October 6th is National Noodle Day, yep, a day to honor all things noodle.  May or may not mean much to you unless you’re a NoodlesREWARDS member with Noodles & Company; then it’s going to be an extra special day.

Noodles & Company sent out a press release saying, all day Saturday NoodlesREWARDS members will get a free small bowl of Wisconsin Mac & Cheese, with the purchase of a regular entrée.    Yeah, FREE MAC AND CHEESE!

If you’re not a NoodleREWARD member yet, you can sign up TODAY by getting the NoodlesREWARD APP or go to their website and sign up.

NO, I’m not getting paid by them.  I’m just a pleasantly plump guy who loves free food… and Mac & Cheese is like the gold medal of free food.

Noodles & Company has 4 locations around our area, find them HERE.

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