A guy in the Upper Peninsula live-tweeted the saga of his 18-year-old stepson trying to sneak a girl past his mom and out of the house on Saturday after a one-night stand.  And it took until after 2:30 P.M. before he could finally get the girl out.

This is perfect stepparent behavior right here . . . instead of busting your stepkid for breaking the rules, just broadcast it to the world instead.

There's a guy in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan, and on Saturday, he live-tweeted a major saga going down at his house.  (Warning!  There's profanity in some of his updates.)

He did a good job sharing the feeling of tension . . . especially since the mom woke up to clean the house at 8:00 A.M., and the girl would have to walk right past her to grab her shoes and leave.  Or . . . even to use the bathroom.

Eventually, after NOON, the girl successfully snuck downstairs to use the bathroom . . . and about an hour later, the stepson finally headed down to grab the shoes.

Then finally, just before 2:30 P.M., the mom went into the bedroom to relax and the kid was able to sneak the girl out of the side door.

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