WWE's current Money in the Bank winner, Seth Rollins, stopped by WGRD to talk about tonight's big Super Smackdown live show at the Van Andel tonight in Grand Rapids!

Seth is a big guy in WWE right now, and he's carrying around the beaten and battered Money in the Bank briefcase, that holds his one-time contract to fight for the title. He talked to Janna Johnnie and winner Adamm-with-two-ms about his fight Monday night against Cena, his plan for using his Money in the Bank contractand more!

What match does Seth want to be in at Wrestlemania? Silly question:

I want to be in a match for the WWE Heavyweight Championship.  The main event at Wrestlemania.  That's been my goal from day one.  I think in any endeavor, if you don't shoot for the moon,you might be underselling yourself.  to me, it doesn't matter who the champ is, or what the circumstance is surrounding the situation, that's where I want to be."

Seth also teased something for tonight's live WWE Super Smackdown and his relationship with Paul Heyman.

You might be privy to a little information regarding my situation with Paul Heyman.  Like I said, I'm a Seth Rollins guy, first and foremost.  We'll see what Paul Heyman and my agreement with him brings going forward."

Seth even gave his thoughts on Vince McMahon's podcast comments about the new generation of wrestlers, and their drive to become the best, and get the brass ring!

Check out the whole interview here, and get your tickets for tonight's WWE Super Smackdown, live from the Van Andel Arena.

Seth Rollins and Staff
Mr. Money in the Bank, Seth Rollins, with Janna and Johnnie at WGRD! (Photo: 97.9 WGRD)