They keep saying the real estate bubble is about to pop? Here's proof that we're not there yet. Let's take a look inside this trailer!

A West Michigan Mobile Home Has An Asking Price of $225,000

Yes, you can own this 1200 square foot mobile home sitting on an acre and a half of land near Hopkins for a cool $225,000. That seemed a bit pricey to me, even though, when you look at the photo gallery below, it is well appointed and has been clearly well maintained and upgraded. Believe it or not, that IS the going rate for mobile homes in that area. There's even one listed in Allegan for over $300k!

The strange thing about this asking price, is that the Zillow page for this property claims the same property sold for $20,000 just two short years ago. I understand things have been upgraded, but there has to be a story behind that last sale.

In addition to the above amenities, the property offers a nice big backyard, and property adjacent to public land, assuring privacy. It also has a deck off the main bedroom, a fire pit in the back yard, and a huge aggregate drive way that can fit it looks like four cars.

The interior is well appointed as you can see below.

It's Not Even The Highest Priced Mobile Home In The Area

In the 'similar homes' section of the Zillow page, another mobile home is given a 'Zestimate' of $399,000. So the mobile home market is sizzling right now in Hopkins.

As a former mobile home resident, I don't pass judgment, and I'll be honest, this home looks really good on the interior. Let's have a gander inside and out, shall we?

Mobile Home In Hopkins On The Market For $225,000

A well appointed mobile home in a remote area near Hopkins has been put on the market for $225,000, which must mean the market isn't cooling off, right?




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