After seeing the snowy and potentially dangerous conditions of Grand Rapids bus stops, a Cedar Springs woman has decided to do something about it.

WZZM-13 reports that Wendy Peterson has started a campaign to shovel Grand Rapids bus stops and make them safer for travellers. 

A few years ago, Peterson rode The Rapid in Grand Rapids for the first time after snow storm.

She says,

"I rode two bus stops in high traffic areas, the Walmart on Alpine to the Meijer on Alpine and both stops were so dangerous that I fell and slid off the embankment."

Peterson has started a grass-roots campaign on Facebook called "Adopt A Stop" to help shove the stops.

She says the idea is simple, if you see a snow-covered stop, grab a shovel and help out.

WZZM-13 asked The Rapids about clearing the stops. They answered,

We have over 1,600 bus stops throughout the six cities (and beyond) in the system, and almost all of them are located in the public right of way, so it is up to the individual jurisdictions as to how they treat similar infrastructure (sidewalks, fire hydrants, catch basins, etc.)."

You can find out more about Peterson's campaign here.

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