Social media blew up when a picture of a packed Silver Line bus of Grand Rapids' The Rapid bus service, began circulating. So, are they making changes? You bet they are.

Fox17 reported the bus driver, Karen Stilson, took a picture of her packed bus.  Stilson said, “I’m very concerned, I wasn’t at first, the first couple days of this I kind of blew it off but the more I read about it and how serious it really was, yeah, I’m very concerned, especially when, as you can see on the picture, these people are right next to each other and right next to me."

When Stilson took the picture, she said there were so many people on the bus they ran out of seats.

"They all came on and I called dispatch and I told them my bus is full and people are standing and they said ‘people can stand," Stilson said. "I understand that, but my bus is so full there are no seats and they have to stand and they said ‘people can stand’, so I figured I’d take a picture and send it to the CDC because they would understand.”

The Rapid said they're putting new procedures in place, starting by limiting passengers.

They said they're limiting all DASH buses to 10 passengers and 15 on the Silver Line and other fixed routs.

You can read the entire story HERE.

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