This woman is either a hero, disgusting, or really almost both after just dumping 20 grasshoppers into her beer and chugging it without even flinching...or chewing. 

Apparently peanuts and Cracker Jack just don't cut it for Seattle Mariners fans anymore, nope, at Safeco Field they've moved on to toasted bugs and seem to be having a blast with them!

That's why this broadcaster decided she would try the latest treat with some other fans at the field but we're guessing she really underestimated this lady!

They were all about to each try just one grasshopper when one lady rose above all others and poured the cup of about 20 grasshoppers and just chugged it like it was nothing!

Literally, not only are we impressed by her beer-chugging skills but this womaSn didn't even stop to chew!!

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