The first presidential debate is on television tonight, but why are several websites trying to tell you and me how to watch the debate?

I can sum up pretty quickly how to watch the presidential debate, turn on your TV, find the channel that is showing the debate and It's that easy.

The last thing you or I need, is some news network telling us how to watch one way or the other.

Most people at this point already know who they are going to vote for in this election anyway. I also don't care who people are voting for, I just hope that everyone exercises their right to vote, it's perhaps one of the only rights we have that has not been taken from us.

For those who are undecided in this election, the debates are here to help you. But again, I don't think you need instructions on how to watch the debate. Just turn it on and watch.

I love to watch political stuff even as a kid. The longer I have watched the more disappointed I get with our government but I still like to stay on top of things.

I don't have cable and often work late night but they have cable here at work so I'll do like I suggested to you, turn it on and watch...well listen in my case because I will be working at the same time.

The debate won't swing my vote either way because I made my decision a long while ago. If you are undecided or decided, you should still watch the debate to stay informed.

As a matter of fact, after I watch the debate tonight and go home, when I arrive, I plan on filling out my absentee ballot to deliver in person before work tomorrow no matter how this debate turns out.

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