recently placed GR as seventh on a list of the 20 most overrated places in America. Why?

Apparently, we're boring. At least compared to Ann Arbor and Detroit. That's what I'm reading into their declaration of reasons why we're on the list.

The silly ass jabroni who wrote the piece, Caleb Pennington says he looks upon us with "disdain". As I do him, because number one on the list of overrated tourist places is Laguna Beach, CA, which is a sleepy LA suburb that no one ever has planned to go to, unless their mom lives there.

Here's Caleb's anti-GR rant:

I think the reason why I look on Grand Rapids with so much disdain is because there are so many other cooler cities worth visiting in Michigan. Ann Arbor on the coast and even Detroit are so interesting and have so many things going on that I cannot fathom why someone would decide to go to Grand Rapids over them. But people do, as every year, thousands of tourists come to Grand Rapids during the summer and winter months. Google ranks the Gerald R. Ford Museum as one of the top 3 attractions in Grand Rapids. That should give you a clue as to how "bustling" this town in Michigan is.

So let me first admit that this is an attempt at getting clicks, so please don't go to his site. Now--here's a point by point takedown of his "writing".

* "Ann Arbor on the coast" shows he may have never been there, because unless the Huron River is considered a huge body of water, there is no coast in Ann Arbor.

* Detroit is "so interesting"? Sure, if you consider being robbed at knifepoint is interesting, I guess it would be.

* "I can't fathom why someone would go to Grand Rapids over them". Um, sure top notch stand up comedy at LaughFest is such a drag, and ArtPrize, while annoying to locals, is still pretty entertaining on lots of levels.

* "The Ford Museum...(is) one of the top three attractions..." Yeah, why would anyone be interested in the only President to pardon an existing President and the only President not to be elected? History is interesting, you dullard.

There is a silver lining to this article. It means we won't have to meet Caleb anytime soon. He'll be in Ann Arbor, looking for the coast.

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