Who is Eskimo Callboy? Where did Eskimo Callboy come from? Why is the internet around the world buzzing about Eskimo Callboy?

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A couple of days ago I got a request for Eskimo Callboy's "Hypa Hypa", a band and song I have never heard of before. The caller was nice and pretty confident about his request, so I immediately went to find a song of theirs to see what they are about.

One thing I have learned about the internet, and that is if someone or a band is creative and entertaining things have a way of blowing up on the internet.

So when I Googled Eskimo Callboy, because of their name and I was at work, I was a little concerned about what may come up on the screen. I was very relieved when it was an actual band from Germany.

The first song to pop up was a track called "Pump It." Still, I was a little hesitant about clicking play, but I figured it was on YouTube it must be ok. Take a look at the video below so you can get your own reaction.

If you watched the video above, you have just discovered what I did and that is Eskimo Callboy is a band that likes to have fun. Their songs start off like pop songs, then turn into brutal death metal tracks.

For those of you who are aware of Twelve Foot Ninja out of Australia, then you can guess Eskimo Callboy is Germany's answer. Both bands put multiple styles of music together and have very creative videos to go along with their tracks.

Here is the video for "Hypa Hypa."

As you can see in both videos the band has a sense of humor. Wearing mullet wigs, tights and having some fun with the cameras.

I sent a couple of these videos to a few friends thinking I would be sending them something they have never seen, and that is when I learned that these guys are blowing up in the metal community. Nothing like being late to the party.

Eskimo Callboy is highly creative and definitely fun to watch. Here is another video where they changed up costumes a bit.

Eskimo Callboy looks like a band that may wind up on some festivals at some point, and odds are if they deliver the goods live, they have a pretty good chance of being the most talked-about band at the festival.

I mentioned Twelve Foot Ninja earlier in this article. They don't just make interesting multiple genre music and videos, they make a bunch of side videos that are pretty entertaining as well. Here is a link to their YouTube channel.

Hopefully, both Eskimo Callboy and Twelve Foot Ninja do a tour together someday and come to the Intersection...I have a feeling it would be a blast.

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