With today's news of Charlie Sheen's HIV-positive status, we thought it was important to let you know about resources here in West Michigan for HIV testing.

It is important to get tested at a place that is familiar with HIV, is non-judgemental, and will help support and link to care.

There are several different organizations here in West Michigan that offer free or low-cost HIV and STI testing.

I reached out to the Red Project to find out what they are all about and what people need to know about HIV testing. They said,

We believe we have all of the tools to end HIV transmission, which has continued at a steady rate since the 90's. (page 5 of 11, "New HIV Diagnoses")

Those tools are supporting individuals living with HIV to achieve and undetectable viral load (which better be talked about in the interview...) and PrEP, a medication that a person without HIV can take to prevent HIV transmission

By ending transmission, we will end the epidemic, even if a cure is not discovered in our lifetime.

The Red Project have updated walk-in testing times listed on their website, and you can always call 616-456-9063 to schedule an appointment.

World AIDS Day is December 1st, and it would be awesome for people to support those living with HIV and honor the lives lost by coming the Red Project's event.

The Red Project also offers rapid testing, where you can receive your results in just 20 minutes

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