I know this will probably seem kind of mean, and wrong, but a friend sent me a link to an obituary, and the photo seems a bit weird.

Maybe it makes sense if you knew the guy, but for those of us that don't, it seems like a very odd photo to post as your obituary photo.  I mean, was it a Joker costume or something he always wore?

This has given me an idea, though...what kind of fun, crazy photo can I find that I'd want to be my obit photo?  Something that would remind people who I was.

I'd like to think it would be something cool, like one of these:

The "Rock God Solo" Obit

Me GUitar
Maybe me rockin a solo or something would be cool, right?

The "Slappin' da Bass like a pro" Obit

Me Bass
Maybe me slapping da bass with a pretty girl dancing by me...that would be awesome.

The "He Can Hang With Pretty Girls" Obit

Me Girl
Even me with a pretty girl would be a good choice for my obit.

Maybe even the "Aliens Are Among Us" Obit

Me Alien
How about me hob-nobbing with some E.T.s!

I guarantee that my family will have one last joke on me, and use this one as my obit photo.  FML

Me full retard
I guaran-damn-tee it.

What would your obituary photo be?  Fun, normal, crazy?

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