Funny Comments About Marilyn Manson from Facebook
Marilyn Manson has a new album, and some new songs he's been releasing, including his latest, "Deep Six".  His new album, The Pale Emperor comes out January 20th! You probably know this already, but people on the internet can be mean.  And funny. Funny and mean.
What Do You Want Your Obituary Photo to Be? I Want Mine to Be Fun!
I know this will probably seem kind of mean, and wrong, but a friend sent me a link to an obituary, and the photo seems a bit weird. Maybe it makes sense if you knew the guy, but for those of us that don't, it seems like a very odd photo to post as your obituary photo.  I mean, was it a Joker costume or something he always wore? This has given me an idea, though...
Miss USA 2014 Contestants Swim Wear Photo Shoot
I'm a pageant gal so this is always quite the event for me, watching Miss USA that is. The Miss USA facebook page just posted one of their most recent videos, the girls had a swim suit photo shoot. Thought some of you guys would enjoy.
#GRDBrew Photo Entries
Check out this gallery! It's updated as people submit their photos for this weeks challenge. Get your brew on, by submitting a photo of you drinking or your favorite beer with the hashtag #GRDBrew for your chance to win this weeks prize.

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