Pornhub, who had some of the most creative ads for a while, has been doing a LOT of ANALysis on the traffic to their site. What do people search for most, how long are they spending looking at these things, and where are they?

Then they broke out that data for us all to be completely embarrassed by.

Apparently, most of the country searches for very similar things. "Teen" and "College" are the top of the heap, leading in like 14 states, followed by the always disgusting, "Creampie", in 13 states. Apparently, Nevada is a bit more specific, as "Anita Queen" is the top search there!

Michiganders search for "Teen" A LOT, and spend about an average time on Pornhub, checking out the results, just over 11 minutes at a time. It's not more, because there are other fun things to do in Michigan, not like Mississippi, where they're spending a way above average amount of time looking at porn. Surprise!

Now, get back to work, and stop looking at Anita Queen.